Wood Type Douglas fir

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Douglas fir

When fresh, Douglas fir usually has a light yellow-brown color that eventually discolors to a beautiful orangey yellow-brown when exposed to light and air.

The relatively young wood from fast-grown trees is more reddish, so it is called Red Fir in the United States, as opposed to Yellow Fir for the slow-grown fine-grained wood that is yellower.

Depending on the growing region (coastal regions or mountains), the color, density, and strength vary. The wood imported into the Netherlands generally comes from coastal regions. Douglas fir is resinous, resulting in oily patches or streaks visible on the planed surface.

What we can do


Eemwood also supplies its wood species processed. Whether treated wood (treated with Tanalith® E), painted, planed, or sawn wood? At Eemwood, we can supply it.