Treatment Impregnation

Impregnated wood? At Eemwood, we supply that too.


Eemwood’s preserved wood species are preserved with Tanalith® E.

Tanalith® E is a water-based product manufactured using technologies that use copper and triazoles.

The copper is obtained from recycled materials, and triazoles are organic biocides widely used to protect food crops.

Tanalith® E treated wood is suitable for applications where the wood is used both above ground and in soil. Thus in all kinds of applications where there is a medium to high risk of the wood being affected by fungi or insects.

The benefits of Tanalith® E treated wood are:

• A renowned and proven alternative to traditional preservatives containing chromium
• Effective, long-lasting protection against fungi and insects
• Proven performance, used and accepted all over the world
• Attractive, natural, green color and excellent colorfastness – perfect for combining with natural elements
• Impregnated using the full-cell method (vacuum & pressure cycle)
• Ideal for construction wood, fencing, garden, and recreational wood – Application class 1 to 4

What we can do


Eemwood also supplies its wood species processed. Whether treated wood (treated with Tanalith® E), painted, planed, or sawn wood? At Eemwood, we can supply it.