Wood Type Oak

Eemwood supplies various types of wood. View the wood type Oak here below.


Oak heartwood has a yellow-brown to dark brown color and stands out clearly against the 25-50 mm wide pale brown sapwood.

Quartersawn wood exhibits characteristic shiny slivers caused by the broad rays. The wood is ring pored, causing flame markings on the horizontal surface.

Structure and quality vary depending on growing conditions. For example, Slavonian oak grows slowly and evenly, it has a straight grain and an even shade and it is soft and easy to work with. Oak from Poland is tougher and harder. Native oak is usually harder, heavier and firmer, stronger but also coarser than imported oak. Oak has a high tannin content, which means that metals in contact with oak corrode quickly.

What we can do


Eemwood also supplies its wood species processed. Whether treated wood (treated with Tanalith® E), painted, planed, or sawn wood? At Eemwood, we can supply it.