Wood Type Pine

Eemwood supplies various types of wood. View the wood type Pine here below.


Pine has particularly durable heartwood and is more or less reddish in color, again, partly depending on the growing region.

The wood’s structure and the beautiful knots make this wood particularly popular in Denmark, England, Belgium, and Spain, but pine is also used in the Netherlands for many applications, for example, pine floors, furniture, stairs, shelves, and also for special constructions with laminated wood. Often very beautiful in architectural design.

Pine heartwood is naturally very durable, but pine does not fall under a higher durability class because of its sapwood. The sapwood, however, can be very easily impregnated. This makes pine, thus preserved, exceptionally suitable for outdoor applications. In short, a wood species with a great many possibilities.

What we can do


Eemwood also supplies its wood species processed. Whether treated wood (treated with Tanalith® E), painted, planed, or sawn wood? At Eemwood, we can supply it.