Wood type Siberian larch

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Siberian larch

Larch is a resinous wood species. Its heartwood contains color variations from light yellow-brown (Larix sibirica), yellow-brown, pinkish, to reddish-brown.

The sapwood is clearly distinguishable from the heartwood and has a yellowish to dirty white color. Larch forms heartwood at an early age, so the width of the sapwood in mature trees usually does not exceed 20 mm. The growth rings are very distinct.

Each zone contains light-colored earlywood and dark latewood. This creates a beautiful flame pattern on horizontally sawn wood, while quartersawn wood displays a distinct stripe pattern. As a coniferous species, larch is quite heavy. The appearance and technical properties of larch species differ so little due to their similar structure and color that they cannot be distinguished from each other. The differences in weight, hardness, and the appearance of knots are primarily related to age and growing conditions rather than to the species. As the quality is dependent on the origin, attention should be paid to this when using larch. Research has shown that water-cured larch absorbs water somewhat easier than fresh larch.

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Eemwood also supplies its wood species processed. Whether treated wood (treated with Tanalith® E), painted, planed, or sawn wood? At Eemwood, we can supply it.